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Brooks Rehabilitation deploys NeuronUP's neurorehabilitation platform.

Brooks Rehabilitation, the recognized leader in providing a system of world-class rehabilitation solutions will deploy the NeuronUP neurorehabilitation platform for treating brain injury patients.

About Brooks Rehabilitation:

Brooks Rehabilitation is a national leader in providing excellence in brain injury care and have received recognition for their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking research and continuing education and training.  Brooks is set apart by the expertise of clinicians who care for patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and non-traumatic brain injury. The Brooks team includes certified brain injury specialists and certified cognitive therapists.  Their technology and treatment plans incorporate tried-and-true evidence-based practices which is why the NeuronUP solution was chosen.

About NeuronUP:

The NeuronUP platform is an activity driven neurorehabilitation system based on exercises of daily living for Brain Injury, and other intellectual disabilities.  Each activity follows technical parameters that allow the therapist to adapt them to the cognitive skills of the user.


The NeuronUP platform was developed specifically for clinical phycologists, occupational therapist or other professionals concerned with cognitive health.  The tool includes an online library of thousands of digital and printable (many customizable) activities classified by the cognitive process or area of occupation being worked as well as a patient management module that saves the patients results data in one place.

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