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Solution Brief

Professional - Jessica Garcia M.S OTR/L, Occupational Therapy with Jess LLC

Challenge - The COVID pandemic presented many new challenges for Jessica Garcia’s pediatric OT practice. The business needed to transition from providing services in the client’s homes to teletherapy. Jessica states
“Like so many other OT providers I was new to teletherapy and I had to learn to adapt quickly if my
practice was going to survive. Luckily, I found NeuronUP which made my transition into teletherapy a

Prior to finding and deploying NeuronUP Jessica would spend hours looking for fun and patient
appropriate material online to download and modify to send to the families she supports. Jessica notes
“It was often challenging and time consuming to modify worksheets that I would find on the internet;
therefore I began to design my own activity templates, but it would take me hours and I was limited in
what I could do.”

Solution - NEURONUP is organized and easy to use. The platform is made up of a variety of fun and interactive
intervention games and worksheet activities. Jessica uses NeuronUP to create skill set specific digital
sessions with the appropriate group of activities for a specific client in mind (interests, cognition,
executive functioning skills, attention span, visual motor skills, frustration tolerance and social
interactive skills, etc.

Jessica adds “With NeuronUP I love that I can modify activities and provide my client’s with login
information to access their personalized digital sessions from home.” OT Providers receive digital
results when a client has completed a digital activity or session which allows the providers to analyze
progress and make modifications as needed.
Paper worksheets can be printed for clients for a more physical/tactile approach to their sessions and
the provider can send copies of those worksheets home with parents to work on at home for extra

Benefits - The solution saves the provider time with the creation of material and documentation since the
software does the scoring automatically in real time. Jessica adds “NeuronUP gives me the opportunity
to create and provide an organized, fun and consistent treatment plan to each of my client’s based on
their personal skill sets. Furthermore, NeuronUP’s adaptive multi-format therapy feature has helped my
practice transition from teletherapy into a clinic setting. Most importantly, my patients love the
interactive activities that help them reach their goals and potential. I highly recommend NeuronUP.

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