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NeuronUP2GO - Professional brain training at home

NeuronUP2GO consists of personalized sessions of NeuronUP that allow users to do comfortably at home the activities of cognitive stimulation that therapist has scheduled for them.

How does it work?

  • Professional plans customized sessions of activities for each user to do at home.

  • Professional schedule the sessions assigning a date range.

  • Users enter the platform and do the cognitive stimulation exercises at their own home.

  • Professional instantly receives the results, analyzes them and plans the next session.


Advantages of NeuronUP2GO:

  • User can practice the brain training activities worked in the facility from home.

  • Professional will have recorded the results of all the exercises of each user.

  • NeuronUP2GO use is exclusively for user of NeuronUP.+


Advantages for professionals:

NeuronUP2GO enables professionals to expand their business capacity managing the cognitive rehabilitation of users located in any part of the world. The remote treatment allows a constant supervision because all the activities and results are stored on the platform. With NeuronUP2GO, professionals are able to adapt the treatment according to the user performance. This provides a personalized and motivating intervention. It will not be necessary to interrupt the neurorehabilitation treatment with the activities of NeuronUP under any circumstances, because the therapist is able to schedule sessions. This way, users can work regularly, even if the professional is on vacation.

Advantages for users:  Users only need to have access to the Internet to continue with their brain training from the comfort of their own home, any time and using the device of their choice. This allows for the reinforcement of the skills worked with the therapist and improvement of the treatment adherence thanks to the different activities of cognitive stimulation.

To use NeuronUP2GO:  If the professional wants to give an individual access, he will buy access to his users from the user’s management.  If he or she wants to provide access to multiple patients, he or she will buy them from the Manage Purchases tab.  Please watch the video below if you have any questions.

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