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Professionals, Patients and Caregivers

We’re committed to helping Professionals every step of the way and providing a useful tool to address all of their patient care needs.

Psychologist Session


Save time planning treatment sessions.

Activity development and classification based on clinical evidence and neuroscience.

Multiple and varied material for a comprehensive rehabilitation / stimulation process.

Opportunity for highly personalized tasks, increasing ecological validity and adaptation to the specific needs of each patient.

Access from anywhere with an Internet connection (Cloud Computing system).

Results manager to store results and quickly consult each patient’s progress.


Inter-professional communication facilitating the exchange of ideas and materials.

Psychology Patient


Personalized intervention, tailored to each individual and his/her circumstances.

Practice useful everyday tasks.

Multiple and varied material developed by professionals.

Motivating content carefully designed and adapted for age.

Both printed and digital formats.

Opportunity to reinforce treatment by performing tasks at home (always previously set out by the professional).

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